All About Vodafone Recharge

Vodafone recharge cards are easily available anywhere. So, customers do not find any difficulty to fetch the card. One can also go for online recharge of his Vodafone, if he does not want to go out and now a day’s more and more people are opting for online Vodafone recharge. The process of recharging is simple and anybody can easily recharge the card.

Here goes the method of recharging. First of all, one has to scratch the silver panel, which contains a 14 digit number, after that a call has to made on 140, it is toll free number then 2 has to pressed for recharging option. One has to enter the secret recharge code, obtained on scratching the silver panel. If by mistake, you have entered wrong digits then press* to cancel and if you have entered the correct code then press # to continue. Once you are through with this process your talk time and validity period will be told to you.

If one is going for online Vodafone recharge then he has to enter his 10 digit mobile number first of all and then after selecting the recharge amount the submission of payment and personal details is to be made. Online recharging is an instant process. Those who got to recharge their Vodafone card by landline or any other mobile should follow these steps: first of all, dial 919097140 and then dial 91 followed by your Vodafone mobile number and then at last enter the 14 digit secret code to get your Vodafone mobile recharged. recargas telcel

Vodafone prepaid recharge is high in demand and is more popular among those who want to know how much they spent. If the customer needs to talk more, he can opt for Vodafone flexible recharging options. It is an excellent option and once you are subscribed to it, you do not have to worry about the talk time and validity period.

It is always suggested to the customers, to go for tariff plan. By selecting a mobile tariff plan of Vodafone, one gets relived from costly call rates and for the life time. So, opt for a good Vodafone tariff plan and get cheap call rates for ever. Not only call rates but SMS rates also go down and one can do more and more messaging at a cheaper rate. So, get a Vodafone tariff plan that suits you to get the maximum value of your money.

Vodafone customers can not only talk longer on getting a tariff plan but they also get several lucrative offers which they would find hard to resist. If you are among those who do not talk more on mobile phones then you can get hold of chota recharge coupon by Vodafone. Vodafone recharge coupons are available in several denominations from as little as little as Rs.10 up to Rs. 197.


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